Kevin Frost

Being Yourselves

Art from Bangkok. Art in Bangkok. Time passes; I paint; and other things happen, but the painted things remain in a way the other things do not.

Next month I’ll be in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the first time in my life. First time in New Mexico, and it’s been a very long time since I was in Old Mexico for that matter. One wonders just how much of Mexico will be in evidence.

Writer’s block and other-stuff block and my block of a head is full but the blockage won’t clear. Which is to say: Several Artists has been stalled, again, by my inability to write “to purpose” – which is, weirdly, mirrored by my inability to shut up about nothing in particular.

(And I plan to change the format, not that this is any excuse. Turns out nobody cares about newsletters in Bangkok.)

But that’s not what I’m here for today. (Nor is the news of my plan to resurrect Frostopolis what I’m here for today.)

Today I’m here to share the following three pictures with you, and also, in a separate post to come, I shall call your attention, dear hypothetical reader (and Dear Permanent Record On The Internet), to a couple of artists who are on my mind lately. Not people I know personally, not even people whose work I know personally; I’ll be linking to Insta for this one. So stay tuned, dear PageRank pigeons, more is on the way forthwitherly!

(Yes, since you asked, I do rather enjoy the thoroughly inconsequential nature of this non-blog. The freedom to be pointless, with the reality that it’s out there in the world, floating forever in the sea of bits.)

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