Kevin Frost

The Shop is Coming Soon


The Plan

Sorry to not have this done yet, but it’s pending my getting some things out of storage in Europe. “Coming Soon in… 2023!”

I will be selling unique original artworks, mostly works on paper and board. Think “easy to ship internationally.” Limited-edition prints and multiples will also be available, some of them a lot further on the experimental spectrum than you might expect from my recent abstract-figurative work.

I will probably also sell “merch” in the form of t-shirts and other art schwag. I don’t see that as a big profit center but it would be cool to have people wearing your work, right?

Plus there are some conceptual things that I would love to try out, and maybe some AI art printed on “whatever” – mugs? Hats?

Until this is ready: if you see something you like on the Work page or my Instagram feel free to get in touch, chances are it is available for purchase. I will announce the opening of the shop on Instagram of course, and you can also subscribe to the news feed here if you you are want to keep up with all the news as well as new image uploads, etc.

In the meantime, go buy some art from Thailand or something from this artist, they totally deserve it and your art collection would be significantly improved by acquisitions from either.

(This is not a paid post! It is an unpaid post!)

OK now, as a special offer of gratitude to anyone who has read this far on what is, let’s be honest, a ridiculously self-indulgent and rambling placeholder for a shop that should have been ready a year ago, I give you, for a limited time only, one of my AI-assisted works in progress.

Right-click and Mint it on the blorkchain!