Kevin Frost

The Shop is Coming Soon


The Plan

I’m going to sell some art and some “merch” (as the kids call it today). As soon as I can figure out the shipping logistics (oof, the international life).

The art will be mostly originals – especially work on paper – and some limited-edition prints; and – just maybe – the occasional multiple.

My goal is to keep the catalog up to date and reflective of the work I am able to package and ship at the time of purchase. A lot of other work is also available. If you see something you like on the Work page or my Instagram feel free to get in touch.

What is Merch?

Merch is, well, merchandise (think bands, teenage influencers) – and some will be your standard pithy Art World coffee mugs and hats, perfectly calibrated to impress the Gagosian of your choice.

I also plan to experiment with “merch as multiple” – but how exactly, remains to be figured the eff out. Watch this space!

In the meantime, go buy some art from Thailand or something from this artist, they totally deserve it and your art collection would be significantly improved by acquisitions from either.

(This is not a paid post!)