Kevin Frost

Big Carl

Big Carl

Today, or perhaps yesterday, my Uncle Carl found his old sailboat and crossed the River Styx. He was 87 and lived a very good life. This is him in Hamburg, in 1991 or 1992, just a little older than I am now. He’s the one on the left. He was a cool cat. We shall meet again in the Great Weightlifting Gym in the Sky!

Back when I was a student, Carl gave me a lot of moral support. He tried to buy a painting from me, but one thing led to another and we never set it up. It was a rare vote of confidence in those early days. I owe him one. At least one.

He also gave me some good advice for life, most of which I ignored, and some of which I try my best to follow. I think about him every time I hit the gym.

Jó utat, Karcsi Bácsi!