Kevin Frost

Welcome to the redesign!

Welcome to the redesign of Kevin Frost Dot Com. My name’s Kevin Frost Dot Human and I’ll be your artist today. See anything you like on the menu?

Why, you may ask, does an artist’s web site need a news section? I admit that need is probably too strong a word. But can a web site not want?

In the normal course of my mildly chaotic life, I run across a lot of art, and I wanted a place to simply jot things down, point out interesting artists or shows or facts or figures (follow the figures!), maybe show some works in progress, and in general have a “permanent” record (up to the limit of my own patience with this web site) of otherwise ephemeral bits of the Art Life.

Yes, I could just put all this on Twitter or on Instagram and let this or that billionaire push it in front of a greater number of eyeballs, a number that might even include the two or three or however many you have in your own head, Dear Reader. But speaking of ephemera, as I write this a certain famous bajillionaire is bending the Bluebird of Rage to his will, and who knows what will come of that. So, yeah, I’ll take the long tail of the Real Web, thank you very much. I can always post about this site on those sites, right? (Haha, “right.” No outbound links in the Metaverse, silly Dot Human.)

So there you have it. Notes, announcements, tidbits, links, and so on, here for your reading pleasure and possibly also that of Posterity.

My gut feeling is that anyone who knows what RSS – in this case, actually Atom – is, and wants to keep up with this News, will have a news reader and know how to subscribe. To those I add the hint (warning?) that updates to other pages, in particular the Work section, are included in the feed. Having read this far, you clearly hunger for maximum knowledge!

And here it is:

Or, of course, you can just check the News section right here whenever you feel curious. I will probably not make a newsletter out of this.

Thanks for reading, now put down your electronic device and go look at some art! ;-)