Kevin Frost

Who is this creature?

Who is this creature?

Strange Being

He (or she?) is just an excerpt from my almost-finished ink-on-paper sketchbook (i.e., a sketchbook with real sketches for once).

But he (or it?) is also an interesting case for testing graphics. Pardon the geekout to follow.

Because I am lazy and don’t own a scanner anyway, I just shot this on my iPhone, and then used Photoshop to nuke the background. Looked great on a white background, nice and crisp. Then I sent it out in a newsletter and it showed up looking very wonky indeed on a black background. Welcome to Night Mode!

Let’s see, can I embed HTML here? Should work:

There we go. Let this be a lesson to you, or at least to me: with Select Color Range comes great power, but also great responsibility!

(Beneficial side effect of sticking HTML in your Markdown: you now have at least one adversarial user-content test case for your future md2xyz converter!)

Which is an extremely roundabout way, Dear Probably Nonexistent Reader of This News Item, to announce the announcement of my new Newsletter of New Art:

Several Artists will launch next week! I swear it will! I have set a goal! And a deadline!

Specifically, re: the latter, I am going to an expat art-people schmoozefest next week, and I am using that as a kick in the pants to actually get this thing done. I’m even having business cards made, since this is Asia and I am informed people still do that. Which is good news, I always lose the ones I pocket but I still love having them.

I am resisting the temptation to put the design here. Must! Resist!

Funny thing: shouting into the void is fun sometimes, especially when combined with the Internetty problem of Your Permanent Record. Makes an artist wonder if, say, Picasso – or Jon Lovitz playing Picasso – ever was able to just riff on shit without considering what the art historians would do with it…

At least he didn’t have to worry about omnipresent video recorders. Now that is a skit waiting to be done. Although, given current trends in art and the other thing, it would probably want to also involve Matisse, his daughter, and some step-chicken jokes. Um, that might be NSF your W if you work in a humorless place. You have been warned!

Alrighty then. Here’s one more crazy picture and that’s it for today. You can get the newsletter at the gettin’ place. Recommend!